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25-Sep-2017 20:23

Tinder recently banned teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that their swiping days are over.

I dont mind this, but they have invited me to spend more time with all of us together Is this weird that they all see me as an older brother and want to spend more time with me?Never occurred to me to think that there was anything 'funny' about it xx I wouldn't be worried about what his parents think, if they're inviting you round for meals and allowing you to sleep over they clearly don't mind.I think you're worrying over nothing, you seem like a great role model to him and can offer life advice whether its about sports, relationships or how to get into your profession.normal sibling things like general goofing around, play fighting and me helping him out with his work and career.

But a separate issue may have arisen recently I went around his to celebrate Easter, at which point he invited two of his other mates over (again male and I know both the parents they know me).You're the little brother I never had." Repeat regularly. (That sort of line has worked for me when I wanted to rebuff a suspected romantic attention from someone I saw as a friend.) Or, "Spending time with you makes a nice change from seeing people my own age. Not sure how well them lines would work though Sara as unfortunately he does at times look older than me :/ Actually made my day reading these!