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06-Dec-2017 06:59

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When date picker editor is configured in the Updating feature the j Query UI Datepicker control (and its localization file) should also be referenced on the page.

Updating feature is raised to provide a primary key value to the new row.

In Java Script: for processing against your data layer. Load Transactions method to convert the post data to Transaction objects. Use Transaction.value to retrieve the new cell value.

They are processed differently depending on the edit mode (row or cell). Load Transactions method to convert the post data to Transaction objects. Cell data is saved in the Transaction object itself. Note: The cell values of Date Time fields should be parsed using the Grid Model.

First, I load up some data: After that, I’m doing some work to make my Grid View look beautifull, adding all columns by hand.

But for this demo, I’ll show you the simple version, that also doesn’t work 🙂Let’s bind the data to our Grid View and have it autogenerate our columns, as well as an edit button.

The table below briefly explains the user interaction capabilities of the Updating feature.

Commits updates to the current cell and places the next editable cell into edit mode.

In Javascript: method requires the row index as the first parameter and column index as the second parameter.

The next cell is the one directly to the right in the same row or if committing a value to the last column, the first editable cell in the row below.

This interaction is only supported when script file (combo.js) should also be referenced on the page.

This can later be processed on the server and replaced with a valid primary key as required by your persistence medium.

In Javascript: Binding to client-side events by specifying the event name as an option during initialization.

The second parameter of the event handler includes the value member which is used to return the new primary key value back up to the grid.