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27-Nov-2017 23:49

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Admittedly, as a fashion, travel and lifestyle journalist I have a heightened awareness of my public profile, and am more liable to panic if it’s tarnished.

But I know academics, fashion designers, chefs and business owners who are similarly precious about their image, who would consider a picture of themselves looking unfashionable, tipsy or overweight career sabotage.

As for the reality-television stars themselves, they’re one step ahead: next year Kim Kardashian will release Selfish, a compendium of her favourite selfies.

Even more alarming is the idea that selfies aren’t simply a record of our lives and behaviour – they’re changing them.

A bombshell article published Monday suggests that the president has been making light of the VP's bigoted attitude towards the LGBT community ever since the 2016 presidential campaign.

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As I try to explain why I’m reacting like a celebrity who has just spotted a paparazzo up a tree, how this photo amounts to career suicide, even defamation, I realise that his is, of course, the saner voice. I’ve never thought of myself as high-maintenance – I go make-up-free on holidays, can get ready for a night out in under 15 minutes and never expect to look better than passable – yet I know my good angles, I’ve perfected a selfie-smile and I have preferred Instagram filters. You may dismiss me as a member of a vacuous generation, and, yes, this digital vanity might be most extreme among the under-forties, but no generation is immune.

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" But in true Trump fashion, even Pence's deeply-embedded homophobic ideologies are taken in jest.

Facebook has responded to – and perhaps even enabled – our burgeoning control freakery: today we can opt in to a setting that requires our approval before we can be tagged.

Instagram, as well as being a sharing platform, amounts to airbrushing for amateurs, allowing us all to select the most flattering filter, to disguise our hangovers, wrinkles and extra pounds with cunning shadows.

Two sources recalled Trump railing on Pence's views about abortion and homosexuality during a meeting with a legal scholar.

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When the expert explained that Pence's wish for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v.

Manovich and Goddemeyer also analysed “extreme poses” such as the “head tilt”, finding that the female tilt is 50 per cent deeper than the male (12.3 degrees versus 8.2 degrees).