Sql server statistics not updating

24-Sep-2017 12:52

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If needed, you can use the CREATE STATISTICS and UPDATE STATISTICS statements to explicitly request a bigger sample or scan the entire table to have better quality statistics.In order to do that you need to specify a sample size or use the WITH FULLSCAN option to scan the entire table.However, the statistics that are automatically generated by the query optimizer are always single-column statistics.The components of statistics objects are the histogram, the density information, and the string statistics.Both histograms and string statistics are created only for the first column of a statistics object, the latter only if the column is of a string data type.

sql server statistics not updating-76

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Statistics can be created on one or more columns, and both the index and explicit creation methods support single- and multi-column statistics.

First, we will create a table for the results: Now we will query every statistics object which was not updated in the last day and has rows modified since the last update.